Multi-Cloud Data Management

Veritas gives you choice, without compromising reliability in the multi-cloud.

  • 360 Data Management

  • Information Map

  • CloudMobility

  • Resiliency Platform

  • CloudPoint

  • Enterprise Vault


Backup & Recovery

With Forward Thinking Backup from Veritas, you can be confident you are ready for whatever comes next.

Veritas offers an integrated, converged platform with highly scalable storage appliances while taking advantage of innovative solutions such as Information Map to further improve how your data can be managed and put to work for you.

  • NetBackup

  • NetBackup Appliances

  • Backup Exec

  • Velocity

  • Desktop and Laptop Option

  • System Recovery


Business Continuity

Plan for unplanned outages. Avoid unwelcome costs.

$111,000. That’s the average cost per hour of a service disruption. No wonder business continuity is a key initiative for every IT organization.

Read The Top 7 Best Practices for Business Continuity white paper to ensure you’re prepared for any kind of downtime event – natural disasters, system failures or even human error. 

  • Resiliency Platform

  • CloudMobility

  • InfoScale Availability

  • Managed Continuity Service


Software-Defined Storage

Ensure performance for mission critical application

All applications accessing data from the storage pool are considered equal by the infrastructure. But they are not – some applications are mission critical to your business. Veritas Software-Defined Storage for High Performance Applications leverages the use of direct attached storage (DAS) architectures, achieving up to 400 percent application performance gains while reducing traditional storage area network (SAN) costs over 80 percent

  • Access
  • Access Appliance
  • Cloud Storage
  • HyperScale for OpenStack
  • HyperScale for Containers
  • InfoScale Enterprise

Information Governance

Veritas enables organizations to make informed decisions about all of the information they store. The integrated Information Governance portfolio synthesizes intelligence across unstructured data sources and facilitates action to ensure organizations are best positioned to counter information risk.

  • Enterprise Vault

  • Enterprise

  • Information Map

  • Data Insight

  • eDiscovery Platform