VPN-IP solution make sure that you stay connected to your offices, business partners and customers around the world. VPN-IP eliminates the challenges and headaches of managing a network of dispersed offices around the world and ensures easy, efficient and effective communications, anytime, everytime. This in turn gives you an unparalleled edge in the international market.



Hutch-VPN offers you a host of advantages:

Provides a total One-Stop-Shop "multipoint-to-multipoint" telecommunications solution

With minimal hardware investment, you can quickly and easily establish a stable and reliable intranet and extranet.

Optimizes the flow of information by differentiating traffic according to its nature and Class of Service (CoS).

Using advanced Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology, provides highly secure and efficient network solutions for the transmission of data, voice, email and video conferencing.


Hutch-VPN Service - Your Partner in Excellence

The ONLY One-Stop-Shop Service That Takes Care Of All Your Needs

A single contact point that handles all your requirements for a multi-access network solution including service subscription, billing and technical support.

All monthly charges are listed on a single bill in Hong Kong dollars, US dollars, or other currency as chosen by you. This eliminates the trouble of settling payments in multiple locations and currencies.

Professional consultancy on systems integration and other application solutions to optimize your service benefits and fulfill your different needs.


Saving Costs & Enhancing Efficiencies

Sharing our VPN network infrastructure helps you make savings while also integrating your different 1 applications onto one worldwide network.

With fixed monthly payments, no matter how high your transmission volumes or usage, you benefit from the fixed amount which gives you better expenditure planning, savings and control.

Hutch-VPN 3-tiered Class of Service (CoS) allows you to choose the most suitable solutions package for your needs and applications. You can therefore save costs, based on your customized and specific requirements: