CLOUDTRON FTTH Optical Connector SC Hard Boot

Product Description

Cloudtronics SC Hard type Field Assembly Optical Connector is designed for fast and simple field termination of FTTH Drop cable and Indoor cables without any extra manufacturing process like polishing and epoxy on the ferrule. This connector is made with high precision and quality zirconia ferrule and provide a highly reliable connection in most of the fibre optic network application. 


  • Highly stable and reliable performance 
  • Intermate ability IEC 61754-4 
  • EU regulation: RoHS 
  • Flammability Grade: UL94 V-0(Optional) 
  • High Success Rate design and technology 
  • Reusable termination capability (up to 5 times) 


  • Fibre to The Home network 
  • Fibre Optic cable Distribution network