Cloudtron MAXIMATE

Product Description

The Cloudtronics Transceiver turn-up device for SFP / SFP+ / SFP28 / XFP and QSFP+ / QSFP28 with various options and live chat support.

MaxiMate is designed for easy coding provided by Cloudtronics, adevice that is intended as a coding engine in almost all major SFP brands.

The Cloudtronics MaxiMateunit, offers a unique solution in providing a hardware device with services to assist with Physical Optical levels for turn-up testing or optioned up to provide a full suite of coding and support options. The optional probe feature can assist the user to inspect the optical endfaceof optical receptacle to assist in clearing dirt related faults.

Optional Features

  • Web based Serial Port
  • Customised SFP coding (Including: Dual, Tri, Personality Coding)
  • Google Drive Integration
  • Built-in 4G
  • SFP cloud backup (Pre / Post writing)
  • Centralised Client SFP code backup
  • Fiber Optic Inspection Probe (on-screen display) (Optional License for Viavi/JDSU P5000i probe)
  • OEM / Branding