100Gb/s QSFP28 ZR4 Transceiver

Product Features

  • Compliant with QSFP28 Standard: SFF-8661 Rev 2.5, SFF-8636 Rev 2.10a 
  • High speed I/O electrical interface (CAUI-4) compliant with IEEE 802.3bm-2015 
  • 100GBASE-ZR4 point-to-point Ethernet links Rx sensitivity of -28dBm with enabled KR4 FEC in host for up to 80km SMF 
  • Single 3.3V Supply Voltage 
  • Maximum power consumption 5.5W 
  • 0-70 ºC Case Operating Temperature 
  • LAN WDM EML laser and SOA+PIN Receiver 
  • Universal QSFP28 MSA package with duplex LC connector 
  • Two Wire Serial Interface with Digital Diagnostic Monitoring 
  • Complies with EU Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS compliant) Class 1 Laser