Run everything from massive databases to cloud-native applications at the next level. Think faster transactions and more responsive customer experiences, with services always available and data always protected. Designed to be as easy to use as it is powerful, FlashArray//XL gives your business the freedom to innovate without storage as a constraint.


1. Top-tier Performance and Efficiency

Consolidate more business services—bigger databases, more users, and more app workloads—on fewer arrays with FlashArray//XL. With an all-new 5U chassis, designed for the latest powerful CPUs, expect an up to 70% performance boost over FlashArray//X90.

2. Accelerate Applications

Run business-critical apps, such as SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle, faster than ever. DirectFlash® Modules with Distributed NVRAM lift the limit on write throughput and reduce read latency to as low as 150µs, driving up to 20% improved density.

3. Always-on Data Protection

Protect your data from disasters and ensure business continuity with FlashArray//XL’s increased internal redundancy and new backplane for workload rebalancing and failover. Defend against ransomware attacks with immutable SafeMode™ snapshots.

4. Act Like a Hyperscaler

Equip your data center for scale and agility with FlashArray//XL managed by Pure Fusion™. Deliver storage-as-a-service in a multi-cloud world and eliminate bottlenecks of traditional storage solutions.

FlashArray//X Specifications




Up to 5.5 PB / 5.18 PiB effective capacity

Up to 1.48 PB / 1.31 PiB raw capacity

5U-11U; 1850–2355 watts (nominal-peak)

167 lbs (75.7 kg) fully loaded; 8.72” x 18.94” x 29.72”


Up to 3.53 PB / 3.3 PiB effective capacity

Up to 968 TB / 880 TiB raw capacity

5U-11U; 1550–2000 watts (nominal-peak)

167 lbs (75.7 kg) fully loaded; 8.72” x 18.94” x 29.72”

DirectFlash Shelf

Up to 1.9 PB effective capacity

Up to 512 TB / 448.2 TiB raw capacity

3U; 460–500 watts (nominal–peak)

87.7 lbs (39.8 kg) fully loaded; 5.12” x 18.94” x 29.72”