Tackle your most challenging modern data requirements with unified fast file and object (UFFO) storage. Used by more than 25% of the Fortune 100, FlashBlade delivers cloud-like simplicity and agility with consistent high performance and control.


1. All-flash Performance

FlashBlade fast file and object storage goes beyond what traditional scale-out NAS can do. Get massive throughput and parallelism with consistent multidimensional performance. Simply add blades to scale capacity and performance.

2. Agile Scale-out Architecture

FlashBlade’s scale-out metadata architecture can handle tens of billions of files and objects with maximum performance and rich data services. Purity//FB supports cloud mobility with object replication and disaster recovery with file replication.

3. Simplified Workload Consolidation

Experience AI-powered storage management with Pure1®. Deploying, updating, and managing FlashBlade is hassle-free thanks to automated APIs. Get high-performance native NFS, SMB, and S3 protocol support for all your modern file and object workloads.

FlashBlade Specifications


- Start with 7 blades and simply add more to scale up to 150 blades
- Increase capacity and performance with each blade


- Up to 15 GB/s bandwidth with 15 blades in a single chassis [1]
- Up to 24M NFS IOPS from a FlashBlade system with 150 blades [2]


- Up to 16 100Gb/s Ethernet ports per FlashBlade system
- 2x FlashBlade External Fabric Modules (XFM) to scale up to 150 blades


- 4U per chassis
- Up to 2,900 watts per chassis (nominal at full configuration) [3]

[1] Large block read IO with 1.5:1 average compression ratio. This is not a guarantee as customers may achieve different compression ratios based on their workloads.
[2] Results from a 100% NFS V3 GETATTR operations test.
[3] With a 15x52TB configuration.