Protection from above

The first known high intensity, full spectrum UV disinfection fixture to be installed in the ceiling. With proper layout, Cloudtronics Fixture Technology, give you whole room protection no matter the size of the space, and the ability to disinfect on demand in

Function & Features

  • UVC has broad-specturm killing effect on all kinds of bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, parasites and other microorganisms, the killing rate is more than 99.9%, and there is no secondary pollution
  • Scheduling function, according to the pollution degree and area of the space, flexibility set and control the disinfection and purification time
  • Human body detection function: in the process of disinfection and purification, if someone enters the disinfection space by mistake, the disinfection system will automatically turn off the power supply send a SMS and email notification and only reactive again after area has been vacated

SAN-MAXI Application

  • Lifts
  • Hospital & Medical Centers
  • Commercial Offices
  • Commercial Gym