Zero Trust Risk Insights

Reveal and prioritize risks for better decision-making

Provides risk and posture visibility for Zero Trust initiatives

Continually monitors and analyzes devices, identities, content, and applications across endpoints, email, servers, and network to enhance visibility, enabling more resilience against risks.

Deeper understanding of risks

Built on the Trend Micro Vision One platform, it uses XDR telemetry and analytics combined with world-leading vulnerability and threat intelligence to provide deep insights into identity and device risks.

Prioritization and automation for better risk-based decisions

Quickly see and respond to immediate risks affecting your organization. Share risk scores with third-party solutions for automated access control decisions.


  • Analyzes risks of identities, devices, SaaS applications, and content to validate trust
  • Assesses the overall organization risk, trends over time, and comparison to peers
  • Deep insights from endpoint, email, workload, network XDR telemetry, and other data sources uncover hidden risks
  • Incorporates leading vulnerability research to detect unpatched operating system and application vulnerabilities
  • Helps organizations to adopt a Zero Trust strategy with continual health assessments of identities and devices connecting to corporate resources and applications

Make better risk-based decisions

  • Prioritizes the most critical risks affecting an organization, enabling quicker response
  • Uses global and local exploit intelligence to prioritize vulnerability patching
  • Mitigate and contain risks across the infrastructure from one console
  • Automate access control decisions by integrating risk scores with third-party Zero Trust solutions¬†