Container Security

Simplify security for your cloud-native applications with advanced container image scanning, policy-based admission control, and container runtime protection

Security earlier

Implement container image scanning earlier in your build pipeline, scanning new images as they’re built and providing continuous zero-day protection after images are published. Automated scanning and response provide instant feedback to your developers about the presence of threats and vulnerabilities.

Trusted enforcement

Make centralized container admission control part of your container security enforcement. Trend Micro provides policy-based management of images, allowing security teams to select and define the rules for how Kubernetes administered containers are permitted to be deployed.

Complete protection

Automate vulnerability detection of malicious traffic and protection of your containerized applications – from build time to runtime. Gain in-depth security coverage built into your CI/CD processes to address container risks for stronger protection.

Minimum System Requirements

Kubernetes 1.8.7 or higher
Helm/Tiller 2.8.1 or higher
Docker 17.06 or higher